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We can help you foster success on the biggest social media platforms on earth.

What Is Meta?

Meta is a corporation owning and controlling Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and some partnered ad networks.

Meta holds the single most reach out of all social media advertising platforms.

We utilize natural and artifical growth methods, to convey your message to the masses


Process Overview


Profile Building/Strategy Building

In this stage we learn about your business, and your goals within the social media sphere. With this information we can formulate a plan to help you achieve those goals.


Proposal/Strategy Plan

Next, we present you with a proposal. Some of our common plans include 5 Posts/Week and 1 Ad/Week. We often work in 6-12 months periods as it is a comfortable amount of time to complete your goals.



After you’re happy with our strategy plan, we put it into action. During this process we are available to you 24/7 365 for any questions, comments, or changes. We are always analyzing and improving your plan.

What to Expect

Meta is a collection of two of the world’s biggest Social Media platforms on earth. We can help you use these platforms to generate more sales for your business.

Laken Rein

Uplift Media Group Inc.


Posts created in house and approved by you


natural growth methods mixed with artificial growth


hashtag sets created for optimal placements


Early interactions provided to boost content




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