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Uplift Media Group is built to support non-profits, charities, and social change organizations. Working out of Raleigh, North Carolina, we utilize the power of the digital world to connect with and assist organizations from across America with their online presence. 


Our mission is to create lasting relationships with nonprofits, charities, and social change organizations, and to aid them in amplifying their mission and message through platforms such as web, social media, and print.

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Our vision is for nonprofits, charities, and social change organizations to have the same access to premium marketing services as for-profit enterprises. We envision a world where all organizations have the opportunity to optimize their online presence.

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We believe marketing is about people, not metrics.

 In a world where social media is increasingly over saturated, we aim to build connection rather than sell a product. We build custom plans, built specifically to foster interest and engagement from your audience, rather than advertise your business. We conduct extensive research into the demographics and psychographics of your ideal customer, allowing us to narrow our field in strategy and design. With Uplift Media Group you aren’t purchasing a service, but rather acquiring a personal partner in your digital journey.

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