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Social Media

  • Market Research & Optimization
  • Content Planning & Design
  • Social Branding Re-Design
  • Competitor Analysis Reports
  • Post Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Analytical Review & Presentation
  • Performance Review & Consulting

Social Media Services

Uplift Media Group offers a robust set of Social Media Services, aimed to transform your social media presence into a tool to amplify your organization’s activities to a wider audience. Through Social Media we hope to empower the message of organizations like yours.

All of our services are built on the fundamental ideas of Social Media being about people, rather than numbers. Our strategy begins with market research and analysis of your target demographic. These insights allow us to carefully curate your social channels to reflect the interests of your ideal viewer.

Branding Design

  • Brand Template Creation
  • Professional Logo Design
  • Color Pallet Design
  • Promotional Materials Design
  • Label & Packaging Design
  • Business Card Design/Print
  • Promotional Clothing Design/Print

Branding & Design Services

Our design team creates unique and inspiring branding material, reflecting the intricacies of you and your values. We venture to create a finished product that will Uplift you and your organization’s activities.

We work to bring your vision to life, and in doing so work closely with you to capture the true essence of your organization’s mission. Our branding & design services are a collaborative effort between our team and yours to ensure you lasting success with your new look.

Paid Advertising

  • Paid Advertisement Design
  • Market Research & Reporting
  • Campaign Design & Planning
  • Social Media Advertising Best Practices
  • Analytics Review & Presentation
  • Performance Review & Consulting

Paid Campaign Management

Paid Social Media Advertisements require attention and care in order to thrive. In the busy world of NPOs, charities, and social change organizations, a little extra time is hard to come by.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the best practices and standards of social media channel advertising. Allow us to take the weight off your shoulders of managing your next creative campaign.

Video Production

  • Professional Video Editing
  • Promotional Video Creation
  • Promotional Presentation Design
  • Existing Video Enhancement
  • Promotional Video Campaign Design
  • Video Campaign Review & Consulting

Promotional Video Production

A viewers first impression of your organization is important. Inspire your viewers with promotional videos built for your needs. Whether you have existing footage, or are just looking for a presentation, our design will Uplift your viewers.

Our team works hard to ensure that your vision and organization’s image are captured accurately in our promotional videos. We aim to combine the best practices of video production with precise editing to ensure your final product is worthy of a second watch.

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