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How to Grow An Audience


Event Promotion is a tall task, with many agencies neglecting or overlooking it.

At Uplift Media Group Inc. we view Event Promotion as it’s own service, with an entirely different set of objectives than other Social Media plans.

We aim to create buzz for your event, and sell out by using eye-catching graphics, and detailed targeting.

Process Overview


Profile Building/Strategy Building

We gather information from you regarding your event, and your goals with this event. With this information we provide you with a strategic plan built to bring you success.


Action Stage

When we run your event campaign, we typically aim for 1-3 months in advance to being marketing. This ensures that we can prep viewers and fully achieve your goal



Post-campaign we reconvene with you to share the analytics we discovered, and what they mean. This is the time for you to share your thoughts on the process.

What to Expect

Generating event exposure is often not as easy as simply marketing a service. We put the necessary attention and care into your campaign to ensure your event sells out.

Laken Rein

Uplift Media Group Inc.


Picture/Video Ads Created In-House


Social Media ads targeted to your area


audience tailored by analytical data


Combination plans including radio ads


same day support for questions, concerns, and comments


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