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Linked-In is the world’s biggest B2B platform on earth. With over 55 million registered companies on Linked-In, it is the best platform to connect with other business’ and build your brand.

We have a deep understanding of the Linked-In algorithm, and we use it to grow your following naturally.


Process Overview


Profile Building/Strategy Building

In this stage we learn about your business, and your goals within the social media sphere. With this information we can formulate a plan to help you achieve those goals.


Proposal/Strategy Plan

Next, we present you with a proposal. Some of our common plans include 5 Posts/Week and 1 Ad/Week. We often work in 6-12 months periods as it is a comfortable amount of time to complete your goals.



After you’re happy with our strategy plan, we put it into action. During this process we are available to you 24/7 365 for any questions, comments, or changes. We are always analyzing and improving your plan.

What to Expect

When you work with us on Linked-In you unlock a wealth of knowledge about the platform. We are experienced in growing Linked-In accounts and have proven methods to improve your reach.

Laken Rein

Uplift Media Group Inc.


Picture/Video Ads Created In-House




Campaigns tailored to your best demographic


combined natural and artificial growth methods


same day support for questions, concers, or comments


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