Video Promotion

Display your business in the best light possible with premium video promotion.

see yourself on youtube, hulu

YouTube sees an average daily viewer count of 122 Million people!  

The video sharing and streaming space has become a valuable tool to attract high volume views and clicks, efficiently.

We create premium video content in-house, to best attract your optimal potential customers.

Process Overview


 Profile Building/Strategy Building

In this stage we learn about your business, and your goals with your video oriented campaign. With this information we can formulate a plan to help you achieve those goals.


Proposal/Strategy Plan

Next, we present you with a proposal. Our proposals usually include multi-media methods, which means we advertise across at least 2 platforms. If you are looking only for a Video campaign make sure to mention it!



After you’re happy with our strategy plan, we put it into action. During this process we are a single call away for any questions, comments, or changes. We are always recording your results, analyzing and improving your plan.

What to Expect

We create quality, intriguing video advertisements, designed to draw mass amounts of viewers towards your products. We target these ads to a wider variety of potential clients, as video ads are highly accessible to large amounts of users.

Laken Rein

Uplift Media Group Inc.


premium video tailored to your business


you decide what we release - video is approved by you


detailed targeting to ensure efficiency


evolving campaigns, changing month to month to match advertising climate


record and analyze data to best reach your optimal demographic


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